The Bandung Contemporary Art Awards (BaCAA) is foremost to stimulate the development of contemporary art in Indonesia, leading to a spot on the international map. It offers emerging artists the opportunity to promote their work and further their engagement with the regional and international art world. In addition, the award winners will be given a chance to further participate in important art venues. Artists eligible for the Award are young emerging talented artists who have exhibited artworks at established galleries, public art spaces, or new art spaces with well-defined annual portfolios and agendas.

Since its first commencement in 2010, BaCAA has presented a variety of prizes for the winners. In addition to the cash prize and art trip, we also initiate an international residency program for a winner in each awarding season. Furthermore, BaCAA celebrates the growing artistic practice by recognizing upcoming Indonesian young artists. 

Biennially held in Bandung, the hometown of many creative individuals, the awards seek to recognize emerging talents who have been actively exhibiting their works in galleries, public spaces, and alternative art spaces in the last three years before each BaCAA. The Judging Panel in each BaCAA consists of professional curators, gallerists, artists, and art collectors who expand the frame of references in the selection process.

COST RP — 100,000

The BaCAA is presented every two years; its seventh edition will be held in 2022, and the Award will be given in August 2021. The winners will receive the sum of IDR 100,000,000, as well as art trips or artist residencies in La Rochelle. In addition, 15 of the best artworks will be selected for exhibition, open for public viewing. 


COST — IDR 100,000

Registration and administration fee is IDR 100,000. Non-refundable. Payment can be transferred via:

Mandiri Siliwangi Branch, Bandung
a/n Yayasan AB
130 00 0924743 1

Please, complete the payment according to the above conditions. The payment verification process may take 4-5 days¹.

Fill out the form and complete the required documents here.

Forms that have been filled out and submitted cannot be altered.

Required to read the Competition Terms & Conditions.

¹ The committee will contact via email if there are difficulties/problems with payment verification.



The theme for the first Award is rather loose, but we aim at combining a great idea and an excellent execution.  

Procedure and rules 

- The maximum age limit for the participants is 40 years old (per January 2022.)

- Eligible participants include Indonesians and foreign nationals who have stayed in Indonesia for more than three (3) years.

- Finalists from previous BaCAA events are welcome to participate.

The artworks submitted are considered by the participating artists or groups to be the best artworks produced within the past two years before the announcement of the Award. In the case of the seventh BaCAA award, the artworks should be produced in the years 2020 and 2022. These artworks, furthermore, should be available for sale. Each artist or group can submit a maximum of 1 artwork for each registration.

- The dimensions of 2D Artworks do not exceed 6 m2 (e.g., for the maximum dimensions: 2mx3m, 1.2mx5m, 4mx1.5m, etc.). For each of the 3D artworks, its height does not exceed 3m, while the width x depth does not 3 m2 (e.g., for the maximum dimensions: 3mx2mx1m, 3mx2mx1.5m, etc.). For each video, its duration does exceed 10 minutes).

- By submitting an artwork for competition, the artist expressly agrees with the rules of the Award. To enter the pre-selection of the competition, the artist must submit a high-resolution photograph of the artwork together with an updated artist portfolio (CV) and a brief description of the submitted artwork.

The photograph should be in .jpg format and named in the following format:

“ Name-of-artist +  title-of-artwork + year + medium + size (height x width or height x width x depth) “

(e.g., Hendro-Wiyanto Cahaya-di-ruang-kosong 2010 Paper-polyurethane-asphalt 150x200x10) 

- The name of the file for the portfolio should be in the following format:

“ Name-of-the-artist + city-of-residence + date-of-birth “

(e.g., Hendro-Wiyanto Jogjakarta 1958-04-10)

The brief description of the artwork does not exceed 300 words, referring to the concept that motivates the artist to create the work, and, when needed, including the use of artisans as a part of the art concept.

Group/collective project has to submit an archive of works in digital form and/or artifacts with no limit in the number of people in the group.

Participatory project has to submit an archive of works in digital form and/or artifacts.

Medium (conventional/digital) and NFTs should apply the exhibition display format. NFT works that have been distributed on certain platforms may be included.

 - Performance art has to submit a video documentation display format, and the performance works will be displayed to the judging panel.

Digital art includes: video mapping, digital art, video art 

- Sound Art

 - Not a platform for work proposals or project-based works that are still in the form of designs; such forms cannot be submitted.

- Participants must send a photo of the displayed work, not a concept 3D or sketch imagining the displayed work.

- The work has not been involved in the last six months on a contractual basis with another gallery or has not been distributed and exhibited within that period.

- Old works that have been or will be modified or may be included.

- Works that have been modified as long as they have been exhibited may also be included.

- Participants may submit works that have won awards in the last two years.

Site-specific works maximum 2x2x2 m3 (digital documentation) - in the form of photos of works

Edition works (photography/graphics/prints) must state the total number of editions and which edition(s) will be exhibited